Barcelona in winter …

… is nice. Especially the balmy days with lots of sunshine provide a welcome respite for travellers from colder climates. So far, the average daytime temperatures have ranged from 12° to 20°C this winter. The city is less crowded and especially the small beach towns to the North and South hardly see any tourists this time of year.  There are some new photos available from Barcelona and the beach town of Sitges about 30 minutes South of Barcelona. They can be found in the Barcelona, Barcelona Gaudí, and Catalonia albums.

Epiphany celebrations in Sitges near Barcelona

Epiphany procession in Sitges near Barcelona

Casa Batló

Casa Batló by Antoni Gaudí is one of the major tourist attractions in Barcelona

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  1. bluesky98 says:

    sounds like a place to be! Nice pics …