General Strike in Spain

Today there is a general strike in Spain. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets in all major cities protesting against cuts in public spending, the continued privatisation of public services, and the degradation of services such as health-care, education, and welfare. According to the media, about 76% of people participated in the strike. Nevertheless, all TV channels except 1 are showing soap operas, re-runs of old movies or game shows. This appears very strange to me. If 80% of people in a country are on strike, one would expect this to be on all the major TV channels, all the time! Not so in Spain. This is already the second general strike in Spain this year. The first one on 29 March was entirely ignored by the current president Rajoy. Presumably the strategy is that a strike that does not feature on TV or the political debate is not happening.

The following images were taken during the first strike on 29 March 2012, when some of the mostly peaceful demonstrations escalated into violence.

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One Response to General Strike in Spain

  1. Ramón says:

    Yes I was there the two times. People is really fed up with this government. I hope it will change soon …