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South Korea

South Korea

South Korea
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Images from South Korea can be found in the following galleries:
  • Gyeongju and Bulguksa
  • Haeinsa temple
  • Jangsado Sea Park
  • Seoul
  • Traditional Seoul
  • Black and White
  • Seoul


    With images from the modern capital Seoul, home to more than 10 million Koreans. The images depict everyday life and show some of the iconic views of the city.

    80 photos, last one added on 04 Nov, 2012

    Traditional Seoul

    Traditional Seoul

    This gallery shows the traditional face of Seoul. The history of Seoul dates back over 2,000 years which is reflected by its rich architectural heritage which includes the Bukchong Hanok village or the UNESCO world heritage sites at Changdeokgung palace and Jongmyo shrine.

    132 photos, last one added on 04 Nov, 2012

    Gyeongju and Bulguksa

    Gyeongju and Bulguksa

    With images from Gyeongju, including its market, the burial mounds, and the adjacent Namsan mountains. In addition, this gallery features images from the Bulguksa temple complex and Seokguram Grotto, both on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

    76 photos, last one added on 28 Oct, 2012

    Haeinsa temple

    Haeinsa temple

    With images from the Haeinsa temple complex. Built in 802, Haeinsa is an important buddhist temple of the Jogye Order located in the Gaya Mountains. Since 1398 it houses the Tripitaka Koreana, the entirety of Buddhist Scriptures carved onto over 81,000 wooden printing blocks. Both the temple and the depositories for the Tripitaka Koreana are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    54 photos, last one added on 28 Oct, 2012

    Jangsado Sea Park

    Jangsado Sea Park

    With images from the Camellia Island in the Jangsado Sea Park, a popular holiday destination on the southern coast.

    44 photos, last one added on 01 Nov, 2012


    5 photo albums on 1 page(s)

    Random images - South Korea

    Travel photography:View from Camellia Island onto Jangsado Sea Park, South Korea
    Travel photography:View from Camellia island onto Jangsado Sea Park, South Korea
    Travel photography:Jangsado Sea Park Camellia Island, South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul sushi restaurant, South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul Gyeongbokgung palace guards, South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul Changdeokgung palace, South Korea
    Travel photography:Gyeongju man, South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul panorama at dusk , South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul night market, South Korea
    Travel photography:Flowers at Samcheonggak, South Korea
    Travel photography:Superwide panorama of Seoul by night, South Korea
    Travel photography:Models at the Seoul fashion week, South Korea
    Travel photography:Haeinsa Temple complex, South Korea
    Travel photography:Ceremony performed at the Jongmyo Royal Shrine in Seoul, South Korea
    Travel photography:Seoul Changdeokgung palace Secret Garden, South Korea


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