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Spam Emails from Chocolate Fish Photos?

Unfortunately some people have succeeded to send out emails which appear to have originated from the @chocolate-fish.net domain, containing some annoying advertising messages. In a more serious case, someone pretending to be myself has invited a young girl for a photo shoot to his "studio". Fortunately the father of the girl contacted me before the arranged meeting could take place and the impostor was exposed.

We would like to emphasise the following: Chocolate Fish Photos never sends out unsolicited email messages and neither do we work in fashion or advertising photography. We will therefore never invite people for photo shoots. If you should have received such offers, presumably in my name, then they are not authentic. Unfortunately it does not require too much skill to fake email messages and have them appear to originate from any desired domain or person. Do not respond to such offers as tempting as they might sound! The people behind such schemes have obviously no good intentions.

Oliver Ross

Chocolate Fish Photos

Chocolate Fish Photos


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